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The perfect tool to measure your impact and your competitors' strategy

We offer a monitoring tool that will help you measure, optimize and analyze any communication, marketing or PR action on the internet.

Software de escucha online

Monitor keywords

We scan the web looking for brand mentions or products that may interest you. Filter your content by types of media and sources.

Software de monitorización para medir cualquier acción de Comunicación, Marketing y RRPP

Learn and analyze

Get more out of the information by applying the knowledge acquired from our neural networks when discarding noise and applying feeling.

Software de monitorización para medir cualquier acción de Comunicación, Marketing y RRPP

Intuitive reports

Create and share information in an intuitive and simplified way. Schedule your reports periodically and share them by email.

Software de Monitorización

Safeguard your reputation

Set early alarms to help you address potential crisis situations. Identify influencers, advocates and haters.

Software de Escucha Activa

Measure the impact of your brand

Analyze the information that interests you, who is the issuer and the estimated reach and value it can have.

Social media influencers software

Identify Trustworthy Influencers

Identify members of the community that can give you value for their ability to influence.

Work with a powerful tool that makes you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Artificial Intelligence


Business intelligence applied to Marketing and communication


Analysis of the feeling of mentions through Predictive Machine Learning.

Media monitoring and business intelligence software

CUSTOM & Boolean Searches

You can establish relationships between your keywords to remove noise that does not let you hear what matters the most.

Algoritmo de confianza e influencia


Our algorithm of Estimated Return of Mentions will help you measure the impact of your actions.

Your customers are out there. Waiting for you. Finding them is simple with us.

Grow your business saving time and money.

Start growing with tools that work

There is a whole world of opportunities waiting for you out there. With Auxdas you can know what happens in all online communication channels and what your customers think.

Your brand has become partially owned by its users. Analyze what they think of your messages and transform the way consumers think of you.

online listening platform and business intelligence

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